Inform, Engage, Enable…

I guess the starting point for my blog should be my favourite tag line…featured here and on my twitter account. So here’s my thought’s on why *Inform*Engage*Enable* is my current #hashtag.

I believe the essence of HR begins and ends with these three elements, and that they feed off, support and build on each other. Inform relates to communication; for me the be all and end all of a good relationship working or otherwise. Communication is the key element to ensure both, all or any parties in a relationship are kept up to date and aware at all times. Keeping staff informed is a no-brained in my opinion. The more aware staff are, the more informed staff are the more likely they are to “buy in” to the communication. Be it something as big as the vision or mission of an organisation to proposed changes or something smaller such as system changes or general comms – the more informed staff are the more likely they are to trust the organisation.

With trust and communication comes engagement. There are countless studies and surveys available advocating the importance of employee engagement. Shockingly so many organisations still place so little importance on this facet of HR. Engagement in my view directly relates back to communication. All aspects of employee engagement in some way or another relate back to the level and understanding of communication an employee receives or has with their company.

Enable relates directly to performance and productivity. Both of which will be increased as a result of Information (communication) and Engagement. Enabling staff through trusting and engaging them through communication will ultimately result in enabling them to increase performance and productivity; both of which will increase retention and in turn reduce operating costs.

More on all of this to come in future blogs, but in the meantime… *Inform*Engage*Enable*


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