employer branding 101


I’ve always been interested in Employer Branding, but of late have had cause to delve a little deeper into this concept, so as this could be the first blog of many on the subject, I’ll start with a bit of a 101.

Employer branding refers to an organisation or “employers” reputation in the market. It encompasses the extent to which a firm both internally and externally promotes itself to become “an employer of choice” and therefore attract the highest calibre of talent from the pool.

This reflects the generally accepted principle of human capital being the most valuable asset in an organisation and a considerable source of competitive advantage. Whereby in a highly and ever competitive marketplace employers are vying to attract and retain highly skilled and valued employees.

Here’s a pretty apt description I found during my research:

Employer branding has been described as the ‘sum of a company’s efforts to communicate to existing and prospective staff that it is a desirable place to work’ (Lloyd 2002)

So what does this all mean? Primarily that organisations’ are placing an ever growing importance on selling themselves to their current and future staff.

When & How are they doing it? By and large since it’s “conception” in the 1990’s employer branding has primarily followed the media trends of the moment; print, radio, TV and now an ever increasing presence in social media.  

Why? Largely covered off above; employer branding is about attracting a following of top talent who want to work for you above other employers. Effectively giving the organisation a competitive edge above the competition, reducing recruitment costs and timeframes and increasing retention of current staff.

Who do I think is doing it exceptionally well? Check these organisations out, and tell me they don’t immediately make you want to work for them!


New Zealand

The picture here shows Randstad’s awards for NZ’s most attractive employers for 2014. Here’s a link to their site and further information about the awards: http://www.randstad.co.nz/about-randstad/randstad-award/randstad-award-per-country/winners-per-country/2014-new-zealand-winners .  What do you think of these brands?


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