thinking hr on holiday in fiji


Now most of you are probably thinking you’re mad why were you thinking about HR and work whilst relaxing poolside in Fiji? Well mostly I wasn’t; email was off, phone was off, social media was off and it was all about time with friends and family. But some things you can’t help but notice, like exceptional customer service.

Our family of three, part of a wider group of fourteen on the holiday each experienced a staff member at the resort going above and beyond during the course of our stay. Let me explain…I got into a routine of a glass of bubbles by the adult pool in the afternoons during the three hours of “kids club”. After day one a fantastic lady working in the bar named Ana brought it to my sun lounger at the same time every day, along with one for my sister in law, and a beer for the other half, she was quick to our sides to replenish or suggest food and complementary fruit during the course of our time out. For the other half, he only had to go near the main bar and an ice cold Vonu was ready for him by the head barman, Sam, during happy hour each day. As for Miss Four, she delighted in returning to our room each day to discover what tropical flowers Anita had decorated her bed with and tucked behind Minnie Mouse and Barbie’s ears. Miss Four and I both appreciated Sita in the smoothie bar pre making our daily breakfasts and ensuring Miss Four received a pink cup each day…on reading this I’m reflecting that we are creatures of habit!

But my point is this…these four staff members in a resort that must have hundreds of staff to keep it running every day stood out above all the rest. These were the ones that went one step further, through a little extra effort, time, detail and attention and they are the ones that made our trip and will have us returning to that resort and recommending it to others (Radisson by the way!). They are the ones we remember, the ones whose names we learnt and who we went out of our way to thank and show our appreciation to come the end of our stay.

And this is where I got to thinking about HR. Are we going the extra mile? Are we taking the time to really partner with our organisations? To do all we can to add value, to learn about and understand the business and its requirements? To think outside the square and provide new and progressive solutions to age old HR issues?

I’m back at work refreshed and revived, and with a renewed enthusiasm and mandate to make sure I provide the best possible service I can to all my ‘customers’ – staff and managers alike. To increase my knowledge of the departments and teams I work with, to strive to better understand their business failures, successes and needs going forward and to work towards providing them with solutions that work now and into the future. My aim is to streamline systems and processes and to utilise new technologies, ideas and thinking to help drive them to future successes and hopefully to create more time for them work on the business while I partner with them to work in the business through trust, connections, engagement, communication and productivity.


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