How do you feel about change? How do you view it? Is it scary to you or anticipated? Are you a person who instantly pooh pooh’s the unknown? Or someone who looks forward to the new and unexpected?

Time and again over the past few years I’ve heard the phrase change is the only constant. It’s become something of mantra for me and as a result I’ve made a major shift in my thinking in the past few years. As I’ve alluded to in previous posts I viewed HR as a career / team / business entity /service etc – as unlikely to change. That HR had developed processes and procedures that were tried and true and to be followed to the letter. Always. And I’ve also openly admitted how wrong I was! Particularly in the areas of social media, best practice and the like – and probably now if I’m really honest in every aspect of HR; we need to change! The rest of the world is changing around us and if we don’t change and adapt we’ll become extinct as all things do that are resistant to change.

But back to me personally. I love change. I’m someone who’s easily bored if I feel I’m standing still or repeating same old same old too often. So change is in my nature to a degree – interesting then that I once held the perspective that HR didn’t or wouldn’t need to change! I regularly view around me both personally and professionally people who resist change and people who openly seek it out. I believe the later to be in a better position. For those who openly seek or are at least agreeable to change will have an easier road ahead than those resisting it in my opinion., They will be afforded more opportunities in every aspect of life and will therefore be more likely to take those opportunities than those adverse to change.

Again taking a personal view of both angles. In the past five years I’ve undergone a lot of personal and professional change; had and am raising the most beautiful child; bought, sold and moved house three times; studied for and been awarded a double degree with an admission into a high achieving alumni; have sought and received promotions at work; meet the man of my dreams; embraced and developed the use of social media; traveled extensively both locally and overseas; taken up running including my first half marathon and all that on top of my usual life of family, friends, work, sailing and the like. Change, I love it.

But at the same time I’m regularly faced with those adverse to change. Prime example, my parents. On a weekend away at their reasonably remote bach (holiday home) recently I attempted to explain blogs, blogging, social media, meeting people IRL (in real life) and a conference I’d recently been on (HR Game Changer). Over a couple of whiskey’s (Dad’s Scottish after all), I almost had my Dad convinced to blog as he’s undoubtedly an expert in his field and people would seek out his expertise. This is a man who’s never sent a text or even an email before in his life and still uses a cheque book. He’s still not sure why or who would read his blogs and most importantly how he would do it (we concluded I would have to do it as his alias), but it was a big step that he even thought about it. I don’t believe however, that he’ll do anything to change what he does now and has always done. My Mum however has surprised me. A month later she’s phoned me to ask about facebook, twitter and “Linking In”. And wants to know could this relate to her business? Short answer yes. The long answer is along the lines of I have a marketing background and have been trying to tell you this for years as you run a sports and function venue... But something must have resonated – today she asked me if I could help the lady next door to her at work with social media marketing! She’s starting to put it all together after hearing it from different angles and situations (FYI the lady next door is 70 – considerably older than my Mum, go her for getting into it I reckon!). And my best friends grandfather, now aged 93 regularly skypes, texts, emails and is currently investigating snapchat – how’s that for change and progression?!

My point in all of this is where could you find yourself if you were more open to change? What could you achieve? Where could your organisation be if you were to advocate, rather than work against change? In turn how could you affect engagement and culture if you were a change advocate in the organisation? How could you inspire others to change, grow and develop? How bad would it be to do things differently and try something new? After all you, and they just might find that you like it.


  1. Well said Kylie. What a journey of change you have been on. Still have colleges I work with who don’t see the value in any social presence. Hard when some of these people are our leaders and role models. Sure is a work in progress to demonstrate the value and growth to a leader if they open up to this new world!


    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks very much for your comment – and I hear you. I’ve been working hard to show the value of such things to my company and am pleased to report I’m having success! What’s really fantastic is the community of online support those of us have who are championing this change!
      Kylie ~


  2. Hi Kylie, think you could help me get a job in New zealand. I’m a 22 year old with a computer science degree. I’m currently processing a work visa and I’m told it would be a lot faster if I’ve already got a job offer. I currently live in Lagos, Nigeria and before you judge me on my country’s global poor reputation, let me add that I’m a very honest and hard working person brought up with christian principles by my parents. Since graduating in 2011 (at the age of 19), I’ve worked as a database manager, an I.T support staff and a network administrator. I’ve also taken up several voluntary jobs including being a Ward assistant in a Lagos Teaching hospital and teaching computer studies to both young and old in rural communities. I’m always looking to grow and gain both professional and cultural experiences and would need to get out of my comfort zone to do this. I hope this challenge doesn’t bore you. Love, Meribe Onyedi.


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