Traditional Education vs MOOCs


2 thoughts on “Traditional Education vs MOOCs

  1. Hi — It was fun to participate and nice to see that acknowledged here.
    My reply to Corinne’s ‘final word’ was that MOOCs and digital degrees are right now! accepted as valid evidence of learning NOW — not in 5 years time.
    “@Corinne_Torres @KylieTelford in tech world right now degrees are irrelevant. Employers want attitude, work-ethic & problem solving skills.”
    Another one of my tweets pointed to this very sound research by Vic: #nzlead found Unis were not teaching nzgrads to be ready for work – & many companies needed to recruit fr overseas.
    Strongly believe those of us who are leaders in People and Operations need to find ways to accelerate disruption both on the hiring side, and on the education side.
    With the standard of most Uni education as it is, any additions to learning — from Khan Academy to MOOCs are more than welcome and valid in most of the world.
    I hope we can meet when I’m next in NZ. All best wishes, Lydia


  2. Hi Lydia,
    Thanks very much for your comments! Great to see you engaging here and through #nzlead.
    Apologies if I’ve mislead what your were saying in my recap – can’t fit in all messages unfortunately, so may appear skewed? I did review the research you suggested, and found it very interesting. Also agree whole heartedly of your beliefs in People & Operations and disruption! And your views on the value of learning.
    Would love to meet when you’re next in NZ – and hope to “see” you at more #nzlead chats!


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