This Time, IT’s Personnel – #review

This Time, It’s Personnel

Humane Resourced 2

Curated by David D’Souza


Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School, sums this book up much better than I could ever attempt to in her foreword:

In many ways this book is a celebration of connectivity – its content has been crowd-sourced from around the world, each contributor has their own voice, personal opinions and areas of expertise, there is advice, outlooks, poetry and passion and, like a really fine celebratory meal, the whole is even better than its constituent parts (2014-11-01). This Time, It’s Personnel: Humane Resourced 2 (Kindle Locations 99-101).  . Kindle Edition.

This group of HR professionals from around the globe have come together to create something quite brilliant. Incredibly, considering many of these folk “speak” via various channels, social and otherwise on regular basis, each and every piece is very individual. Sure, there are recurring themes throughout the book such as L&D, the new role of HR, communication, organisational culture, mindfulness, diversity and so on, but each given their own view, personality and slant to ensure not a thread of repetition.

There are some truly talented writers amongst the group and personally I loved the magic of storytelling from the likes of Gemma Reucroft and Simon Arrowsmith, and the clever poetry from Broc Edwards and Malcolm Louth. This is a group of professionals writing passionately and authoritatively on HR and the world of work, but despite its focus the book reads nothing like a text or self-help book. However, the lessons within its pages are many; and they are delivered in such a way as to make it an easy read like a collection of short stories.

 “I shout at you to motivate you” is a classic one liner from Donna Hewitson, Alex Hagan makes a fantastic analogy between Winchester Mystery House and HR approaches in organisations, and Ben Malcolm’s suggesting values may be “a bit like marmite” are some of the more quirky gems from this book. There are mentions of pigs, elephants, various music references and even an entrance from Marilyn Monroe. They combine with reflections, questions and statements that will have you rethinking, analysing and pondering your own actions as much as the processes and practices in your place of work. And almost all with a view to improving HR. The way we work, the value we add, the processes and systems we put in place.

This is a must read for anyone interested in the areas of HR, L&D, OD. You will learn, you will think and be challenged, and thanks to Raksha Khilosia you will laugh as well. An excellent extension to 2013’s Humane, Resourced.

2 thoughts on “This Time, IT’s Personnel – #review

  1. Lovely review Kylie, thanks. If there is to be a HR3, maybe I should write something for DDS 😉


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