“It’s Conference, It’s Conference Time…”

Hopefully like me you’re singing that in your head to the tune of “It’s Business Time” from Flight of the Conchords from those who know it. I’m on holiday this week at the beach and I’ve had crazy lyrics in my head off day – clearly I’ve switched off from work somewhat! But there are something’s I’m focusing on and thinking about which lead me to ‘Conference Time’ as it seems to be that time of year again in the NZ HR world.

For me this year I have two lined up; IT18 on 21 April and The HR Game Changer 2015 on 11 & 12 of June, both in Auckland. Added to this I’ll be attending the #NZLead Unconference in October. Added to this are HRINZ’s HR Summit and the NZ HR Expo, HR Leaders summit and I’m sure there are others I’m missing, so if you’re in HR, Recruitment, L&D, ER or OD and related roles in NZ there a lot of offerings in terms of professional development and networking coming up.

#IT18 promises to be the only IT Recruitment and Talent Management Event in NZ focusing on attraction, recruitment and retention of IR professionals. Comprising of a career day whereby a free event aims to introduce professionals with employers for career and learning opportunities and the second day a conference boasting local and international experts on topics ranging from open source recruitment, through unconventional sourcing methods to culture, environment and engagement.

The #HRGC15 has spread its wings this year to cover Auckland, Melbourne, Wellington and London, building on last years’ themes and being structured into four parts over two days in each location; The WHY of HR, Leading a Future Workplace, Changing the Game and The Tools you Need. Again, a star studded host of speakers will be present from home and abroad including the acclaimed Simon Sinek and Perry Timms.

The #NZLead Unconference is scheduled for 14 October, and for those that attended or heard about it last year you will understand the unconference format, whereby the agenda is set by the attendees. This year the conference will also be pulled together from volunteers in the #NZLead community which is a concept I love and I look forward to seeing the results of. The theme for the Unconference is planned to be #Leading People, but who knows where the community will take it?

I know people often get cynical about conferences and the value of them, but I see them as a huge positive. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and grow, share and develop ideas, take on new concepts and ways of working, build my network and extended my capabilities. I’m looking forward to hearing from people at the top of their game, breaking new ground and paving the way for the future of work. There are people I’m hoping to meet ‘in real life’ who I currently only know via social media, others that I don’t get to catch up with often enough and I’m hoping for new connections with like-minded people.

I’ll be tweeting from all of these events and you can follow along via the hashtags #IT18, #HRGC15 or check out the websites at www.it18.co.nz and www.hrgamechangerconference.co.nz or better still it would be great to see you there – and if you are, please come and say hi!

For now it’s back to the beach as the surf’s looking good and I still haven’t got Flight of the Conchords out of my head…


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