Reading List…

I’m wondering why it is that of late (and I’m talking the past year or so here) that I’ve stopped or almost stopped reading books? I used to average at least a book a week, meaty, thought-provoking books; both fiction and non-fiction with a massive array of subject themes and subject matters.

So what’s changed?

A couple of things I’ve concluded. SoMe to start, I threw myself into learning the likes of twitter and Google+ last year, both of which were goals of mine I feel I can now reasonably successfully tick off (reasonably because I seem to have slowed down on the Pinterest front!) and have been making a point of reading a lot more blogs etc every day. Secondly work’s kicked off in a major way with the integration of three big players in the NZ media game. And thirdly life! A now five year old, moving house, numerous conferences, overseas trips (yay!), friends, family, exercise…that’s probably more than thirdly! But as a result there are a number of books I’ve been meaning to read and so here begins my reading list, in no particular order as some I’ve been physically carrying around for months and others I’m still waiting for:

  • Reinventing Organisations; Frederic Laloux
  • Robert Plant; A Life – The Biography; Paul Rees
  • Training Bites; Angela Atkins
  • The Humane Workplace: People First – A Book Project; Amanda Sterling
  • Putting Social Media To Work: A Practical Guide; Gemma Reucroff & Tim Scott

What else should I be adding to my list? All suggestions gratefully accepted! To help you with this I love old rock, HR, L&D, new & developmental thinking, autobiographies, over coming the odds, Wilbur Smith and the odd trashy “chick lit”…not too broad I hope?! 🙂


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