I began my career in advertising and sales across industries including media, yacht sales and real estate. A change in lifestyle saw me “fall” into HR leading to the discovery that it was the career path for me. Study followed and for the past ten years I have been in HR roles providing a generalist service to sales teams. I have something of a passion for the areas of recruitment & on-boarding, organisational culture, productivity, performance and engagement. More recently, I have been focusing my energy on heading up Recruitment and Employer Branding for a large media company in NZ.

Outside of work, I share my life with a wonderful man and am Mum to a vivacious seven year old who is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I am a compulsive walker both for fitness and exploring, and have completed a number of half marathon. I’m a shoe fanatic, a traveller and a lover of champagne. I’m lost without the sea in my life being brought up on yachts and mad keen on sailing, snorkelling, water-skiing and all things salt water.

These blogs are a collection of my thoughts, HR related and otherwise – I thank you for taking the time to read them and I welcome your comments, discussions and connections.

~ Kylie


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